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Saazdha Khan
Saazdha Khan
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The movers were very good, they knew what to do and very efficient. Will highly recommend :-)
mandip singh
mandip singh
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Used them for second time after first satisfactory experience; didn’t disappoint at all, in fact exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended 👍
S Readhead
S Readhead
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On time at a moments notice. Best recomendation to us by the company was for two trucks and 4 crew in stead of one large truck and only 2 crew. Ultra fast. Crew were happy about their work. Must be a great company to work for.
David Houma
David Houma
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The two young lads were freakin AWESOME with moving my stuff. Will definitely come back to you guys in the future. 5STAR
Designer Gardens Limited
Designer Gardens Limited
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Quick and efficient, communicated well. Would highly recommend
Evan Jung
Evan Jung
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I am really satisfied with the service. They provided me with accurate information of service. The movers arrived 10 minutes before appointment and worked very carefully without making any scratches.


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We Provide World Class Logistic Services

We use only the very best transport and relocation equipment. When it comes to relocations, Auckland homeowners can expect to receive a service of the highest quality at an affordable price. That’s our commitment to you. However, regional transport such as those looking for Auckland furniture moving companies is not the only service we provide. Here are a few of our other New Zealand wide services:

We can move individual items for you or your entire house.

Quick & efficient relocation of your office furniture and items.

Warehouse relocation is a big job. Let us handle it.

Moving Interstate? Let our reliable nationwide team help.

Move your items safely, efficiently & securely.

Reliable and cost-effective removalist services.

Google Reviews

5% Cash Back Offer!

Get 5% cash back of your total bill by giving us an honest Google Review after the completion of your move. 


Simply email us your account details to receive the 5% cash back. At this moment in time, the offer is applicable only for Auckland house moves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Furniture Movers Auckland

These FAQs may help you find the answers you are looking for when searching for furniture moving companies.

How much does it cost to hire Auckland furniture movers?

To move a standard 3-bedroom house without any unforeseen heavy items, within Auckland will cost around $450-$750.


Of course, there are variables like the size of the truck, access difficulty, men at hand, and content to move. Whether you’re seeking local furniture movers for example or a wider distance also plays a role.


Normally, a 16 cubic meter truck with 2 furniture movers Auckland wide will be enough for a 1-3 bedroom house. However, if access to pickup or drop-off is difficult, you may be better off paying for an extra man. This extra man will most likely make it safer and quicker to navigate heavy items through difficult access ways. The cost of adding additional movers for furniture is typically an extra $50 per hour for each extra man. This can end up cheaper than hiring furniture moving companies without experience and who don’t take such factors into consideration.


Non-standard heavy items such as a spa pool or marble table also impact your quote when hiring movers for furniture. Generally, these items are valuable and high-risk to move. Therefore, hiring experienced furniture movers Auckland or NZ-wide is very important. Naturally, the extra precautions to carry such items will add to the cost.


Furniture moving companies may have different pricing structures. We may quote a fixed price for standard Auckland furniture movers jobs without any unforeseen delays. In other cases, an hourly rate is more appropriate when the variables are hard to predict (such as traffic).


Importantly, whether you’re seeking Auckland furniture movers, or nationwide, our team is at your disposal. Not only do we offer some of the most competitive rates, but we also maintain a high customer satisfaction rating.

What is the process for Auckland furniture movers transporting items from one house to another?

Our process is reasonably simple. Keeping it simple allows us to be one of the most affordable furniture movers Auckland wide. Additionally, it increases the pace and reduces the chance of accidents on the job.


As one of the most experienced and top furniture moving companies, we’ve refined our process into 4 steps below:


  1. Fill in our quote form as accurately as possible. We’ll reply with a quote and the next available date we can do the job. Or we’ll get back to you with any questions we may have. Once the details have been sorted, you can make a booking.
  2. You need to pack everything before our team of movers for furniture gets to the pickup location. As express and affordable furniture movers Auckland wide, we do not offer a box packing service.
  3. Our team of movers for furniture will arrive at the pickup address and load everything securely into our truck. Once the truck is full or all the items are in, we’ll transport them to the delivery location.
  4. Once we arrive at the delivery location, we’ll unload your items at the property based on your request. Our trained movers for furniture are extremely careful to avoid damage to your household items, walls, or flooring.

We may need to do more than one load between locations if the job requires it. Which generally, it does.


In summary, we’re here to make the moving process a seamless experience for you and your family. Irrespective of whether you’re seeking local furniture moving companies, or other regions, we can help. One of the few furniture moving companies that have managed to maintain a high satisfaction rating despite high demand.

How long does it take Auckland furniture movers to transport household content?

The time it takes furniture moving companies to complete a job varies on the size, traffic, and men at hand. It can take our Auckland furniture movers a couple of hours or an entire day to complete a job. In very rare circumstances, a job requires additional time that will push it into an extra few days to complete.


For example, for experienced furniture moving companies, a 1-bedroom home within Auckland could take a couple of hours. On the other hand, a 2 or 3-bedroom home may take a few additional hours.


Distance and traffic obviously play a big role. For instance, when searching for furniture movers Auckland to Christchurch, that takes longer than closer locations. We all know that Auckland traffic can be unpredictable but we do try to complete Auckland jobs within the day.


Depending on your household items to be moved, we may need to do multiple loads. This adds to the time it takes movers for furniture to complete the job. That is why we recommend a bigger sized truck for medium to large households. This can reduce cost and transit time between destinations when hiring movers for furniture.


For households with 4+ bedrooms, we recommend hiring additional labourers from your chosen Auckland furniture movers. While our standard service comes with 2 experienced professionals, large quantities and heavy furniture can significantly increase job completion time. If you’re in no rush, the standard two movers for furniture option is completely fine. However, if you have to get your items packed and moved within a certain timeframe, extra manpower is necessary. Get in touch with our experienced furniture movers Auckland wide to arrange the most convenient timeframe tailored to you.

What areas does our furniture movers Auckland team service?

Over the years, AEM has expanded our capabilities to be one of the few door-to-door nationwide furniture moving companies. However, our roots began as Auckland furniture movers and we continue to be one of the leading providers in the region. Here’s a breakdown of the local areas we service:


  • North Shore & Rodney District
  • West Auckland
  • Central Auckland
  • East Auckland
  • South Auckland & Franklin District

We service all areas whether you are searching for inner city movers for furniture or rural areas. The same thing goes for those searching for nationwide furniture moving companies.


A key factor is our ability to pick up and deliver door-to-door. Because we are one of the most experienced and specialised furniture moving companies, we understand the importance of accessibility. Delivering right to your door even in the most remote areas of Auckland is key to providing outstanding service. As long as there is an access road, our furniture movers Auckland wide will deliver right to your door. An example would be someone deep in the rural area surrounding Piha who is looking for dependable furniture movers. Others may require delivery to the rural farmlands of the Rodney District or down south in the Franklin District.


There are indeed precautions we take depending on the pick-up and drop-off areas we are dealing with. For example, let’s say someone is searching for furniture movers from South to an apartment in the CBD. The most optimal time to schedule such a move would be a weekday in the evening. This is to avoid the hustle and bustle of the central business district that occurs during the day and weekends. Unlike most furniture moving companies, we organise our bookings based on multiple factors such as the aforementioned. The constantly shifting dynamics of Auckland play an important role in that.

How can I claim my 5% cashback offer when hiring your movers for furniture?

Firstly, we are one of the only furniture movers Auckland and New Zealand wide to offer such a deal. This is because we truly value your feedback which helps us and our movers for furniture improve. It also helps others seeking local and intercity furniture moving companies, get an idea.


After all, it is always a good idea to check the genuine customer reviews of any service or product pre-purchase. It allows you as a potential customer to make an informed decision based on the feedback of previous buyers. Therefore, not only do you get a discount, but you’re also paying it forward to others seeking furniture moving companies.


If you have used our furniture movers Auckland services and made full payment, you may qualify for our 5% cashback. Thus, not only do you benefit from our competitive pricing amongst NZ furniture moving companies, but also an additional discount.


After posting an honest and fair Google review, simply email us confirmation and your bank account details. One of our hardworking admin staff behind the Auckland furniture movers team will follow up with you.


We will process the 5% payment into your bank account and send confirmation through shortly after. Please note that it may take a few hours or the next working day for the payment to go through. If you have any questions about our Auckland furniture movers 5% cashback offer, simply contact us via phone or email. It is also worth noting that the offer is eligible Auckland-wide. Whether you’re looking for furniture movers in South, Central, or elsewhere, you’re eligible if you match the other criteria.

Why do people hire movers for furniture?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to hire furniture moving companies when they are moving houses. In fact, it makes more sense than deciding to do it yourself when you weigh out the pros and cons.


Here are some of the main and logical reasons to hire a furniture movers Auckland company:


The cost of hiring Auckland furniture movers can provide much more value for money than trying to do it yourself. Think about it, you’ll likely need to hire a truck when transporting large items such as fridges, sofas, tables, etc. The cost of renting the truck alone can often be similar to that of furniture movers as a complete package.


Safety and hassle are other aspects you must consider when deciding between hiring movers for furniture or not. Squeezing heavy and oddly shaped furniture through tight doorways and stairs certainly needs care and strength. Hiring our trained and experienced furniture movers Auckland wide saves you and your friends or family from potential injuries.


Time and efficiency are something that come with experience as regular movers for furniture. Furniture moving companies are likely to make the move in fewer trips than you in addition to handling items quicker. Of course, picking the right one by checking through Google reviews increases the odds of careful handling and no damage.


Here at AEM, we’re able to help with services ranging from local furniture movers to nationwide transportation. We aim to provide value for money through competitive pricing and a completely hassle-free experience for all our customers. We’ve grown from providing local services to nationwide solutions. Needless to say, we’re only a call away!

What measures do we take against damage as professional movers for furniture?

The first step we take as furniture movers is to not get involved in the packaging of items into boxes. This not only ensures that nothing gets lost but also saves time and costs to hire furniture movers Auckland wide. Moreover, you can pack small items into boxes in your own time without any rush. 


The larger items are carefully transported and positioned into moving trucks by our team of furniture movers. Boxes of items that you have packed are also handled with care and placed in the truck systematically. Furniture moving companies with plenty of experience will ensure there are no loose items during transport to prevent damage. 


Moreover, our movers for furniture always work in teams of two at minimum. Heavy items are carefully loaded and unloaded using the safest equipment and manpower necessary to minimise the risk of damage. You want to pick Auckland furniture movers that won’t cut corners when it comes to moving your furniture securely. Thus, it goes without saying that the cheapest option amongst furniture moving companies is likely not the best option.


The top furniture movers Auckland wide will also take into consideration the experience of the movers they send to you. In our case, we will always pair an experienced mover with someone new on the job at a bare minimum. Of course, there will be times when both movers for furniture will be highly experienced but never two inexperienced movers. 


In truth, furniture moving companies that operate with common sense and do not cut corners are your best bet. Google reviews are a good indicator of their past performance and should help you pick the right Auckland furniture movers. 

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